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Volunteer with classroom
Danish teaching volunteers pose with students for the annual class photo

VOLUNTEERS Bring Sparkle

The Margery Wolf Kuhn Schools welcome volunteers from throughout the world. They bring expertise, diversity and enthusiasm to enrich the lives of MWK students.

Volunteers lead English immersion, technology, sports, art and music classes. They teach STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) and computer skills and classes. They provide workshops for teachers and organize and participate in soccer, basketball, field hockey and frisbee teams and competitions. They find lasting friendships.

How does it work?

  • Volunteers are accepted on a short or long term basis, ranging from 1 month to 2 years.
  • Volunteers work closely with school manager and are integrated into the teacher community. Training on class management and teaching techniques are available.
  • Volunteers receive free housing in the teacher’s quarters, typically in a shared house and pay for their own food, transport, visa and incidentals. Volunteers staying for more than 3 months become eligible for a stipend equivalent to that received by teachers.
  • Volunteers teach classes in the primary or secondary school or help manage existing projects such as academic clubs, service projects and sports teams. We are also interested in volunteers who propose new initiatives that forward our educational objectives.

We are seeking:

  • Teachers in any subject, including sports
  • Tutors in English, science, math and computer
  • Individuals interested in starting STEM support programs. For example, computer and programming skills, science fairs and math clubs.
  • Leaders for creative writing and creative arts projects
  • Web and IT skills to set up a school website and/or computer club
  • Development for fundraising and/or development of promotional tools
  • Other special skills, hobbies or interests that applicants propose.

To volunteer

For more information, contact Charlie Sloan.