Empowering students of Tanzania
to learn, lead and thrive

Tanzania Education Fund Supporters provide the foundation for
Nianjema Secondary and High School and the success of its students




  • Purchased 15 acres of land designated for a school by the Bagamoyo Town Council.
  • Tanzania Education Fund is founded to support the development of the first secondary school in Bagamoyo, Tanzania.


  • Built 7 buildings without the use of electricity and by making the sun-dried bricks from sand and well-water on the premises. The first seven buildings were: administration building, four-classroom building, library, science laboratory, dining/assembly hall, and two toilet/shower buildings.
  • Groundbreaking of Nianjema Secondary School Campus


  • Opened school with 90 students, 7 teachers, 1 headmaster, 2 cooks, and 1 night watchman.


  • Enrolled a second class of students, with 129 students and 9 teachers. A second four-classroom building, dispensary/storage building, and one staff house were built.


  • Expanded school to a third class of 174 students. A third large classroom and another staff house were built. The first national tests results were received placing Nianjema in the top 20% of all schools in Tanzania.


  • Graduated 45 students in December. There were 11 teachers instructing 225 students in four grades. A computer lab, storeroom/shop and two additional staff houses were built. Construction began on a classroom/workshop building.


  • High school classes began in April for 45 students. With the increased enrollment, 16 teachers were hired for the entire school.
  • First USAID grant to build 5 faculty/staff houses


  • The Form 4 students placed in the top 15% in the country of smaller sized schools on the national examinations. The school continues to grow with 308 students and 22 teachers. Five more staff houses are being constructed this year.
  • USAID grant to build two dormitories that allowed girls to board safely, within the school compound


  • Nianjema celebrated the graduation of its first 12 students in January of 2007. The girls' dormitory was completed and the girls moved in.
  • First group of students enter Nianjema High School classes
  • USAID grant to build the High school complex, enabling the addition of a high school/college prep curriculum


  • On the national exams, the Form 4 students scored in the top 5% of the country, and the Form 2 students were in the top 10%. The boys' dormitory is under construction and will be completed in April.
  • USAID grant to build four new dormitories and an all-purpose educational building, under construction


  • Nianjema has grown from 90 students in 2000 to over 300 students today. Both the girls' and boys' dormitories have been built and occupied, and four more are planned for the near future. The high school complex is under construction and will be completed by December of 200
  • Nianjema nursery school founded for Nianjema teachers and local children
  • First Nianjema High School students graduate


  • Nianjema celebrates first 10 years
  • New High School dedication planned for spring 2010


  • New Headmaster Antony Nysenshile rejoined the staff in July, as he formerly was a history teacher who took 3 years off for advanced studies.  Completed the new library, two classroom buildings, and high school science lab.


  • The completion of the four dormitories will be accomplished in March.  Expanding the primary school through the third grade.  First group of safari tours for Nianjema donors was highly successful.


  • Our outstanding Form 4 students performed in the TOP 6% of all 747 Tanzanian schools! There are now six dormitories for both girls and boys completed. Our teacher exchange program with Ega Gymnasium from Denmark has been outstanding.


  • Nianjema has over 400 students in their primary and secondary schools. Over the years, we have had over 50 volunteers who have committed 1 to 6 months teaching at Nianjema. TEF established a Teachers' Children Fund to help pay 50% of the tuitions.


  • Nianjema increases its commitment to encourage more girls to attend secondary school by founding an annual language immersion class for 80 area girls. Twenty girls each year are offered full scholarships to attend and complete Nianjema’s Secondary School program.
  • The Modern Medics Tanzania Clinic began construction. The walls, roof and iron grilled doors are installed. When completed, it will serve the students at Nianjema Schools and the neighboring neighborhood.


  • Enrollment increases to 465.  Nianjema celebrates its first primary school graduation class.

More than 465 students today