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The Nianjema Secondary and High School benefits from the support and interest of individuals, community organizations, churches, companies and government grants.

Combined Federal Campaign (#73512) contributors provide substantial annual support for Nianjema Schools.

USAID infrastructure grants are instrumental in the development of the school campus. USAID funding has underwritten faculty and staff housing, on site dormitories and the new high school complex.

Organizational Contributors

Aid for Africa designed a program to support many young local girls students to attend Nianjema.

American Institutes for Research, Washington, DC an educational research company, gives general funds to support Nianjema.

Archbishop Carroll High School of Washington, DC funds general development.

The Boston Consulting Group, Boston, MA an international internet corporation, provides general funds to support Nianjema through a matching grant.

Carney Clan Charity, Georgia provided funding for Modern Medics Tanzania Clinic.

Egaa Gymnasium of Denmark sends students, teachers, and supplies to Nianjema.

Ralph Fairbanks provided individual solar lights for teachers and students.

First Baptist Church of Vienna funds merit scholarships.

Keirin Culture Bike store in Roanoke, VA funds transport of bicycles to Nianjema Bike Club (also contributes bikes).

Mt. Tabor Catholic Community funds general development.

PAX Community of Annandale, VA funds general development.

The Sir Emeka Offor Foundation, Nigeria donated 4,000 books for the library.

St. Mark Catholic Church Tithing Commission provided books and school supplies for TEF Scholars. Funded science laboratory equipment.

Ulswater Community College of UK sends students, teachers, and supplies to Nianjema.

United Nations Women's Guild, Westchester Group funds scholarships for Nianjema girls

Vanishing Worlds travel agency funds general development through a Tanzania safari.

The W. O'Neil Foundation, Chevy Chase, MD donated a grant to provide a roof for Modern Medics Tanzania Clinic.

Nianjema Schools also receives gifts from individuals through Aid for Africa, and the Combined Federal Campaign (#73512).

In Kind Contributions

Jack Mostow, Carnegie Mellon University funding Robotutor tests for experimental education program.

Capital PC User Group of Rockville, MD recycles used computers in a project called Reboot.

Carney, Inc. provider of custom solutions related to the federal government and military, gave seven laptops for the schools.

Design for People, Inc. a woman-owned marketing and eLearning consultancy, provides TEF website design and development.

Jennifer Farfel and Friends, a group of New York high school girls, make and sell jewelry to purchase school supplies for Nianjema students.

Lowcus, LLC an organizational performance and learning technologies consultancy, provides TEF website support and hosting.

Penn State University Engineering Students provides solar energy designs and prototypes for the computer laboratory and dormitories.

Young mothers group of Alexandria Virginia donates gently used toys for the nursery school.

Matching Grants

Exxon Mobil
Gap Foundation
Randal Hagner Ltd.

To explore giving opportunities, visit Donors Make a Difference
or contact Executive Director Daphne Sloan.