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Help Support nianjema teachers

A Tanzanian Education Fund initiative will raise $6000 to support the children of Nianjema teachers who need financial assistance.

“The Fund will help the teachers and their children. Our teachers are eager to have their children at Nianjema, and 18 children qualify.  The teachers have feelings of pride and dignity and would be very gratified by this assistance,” says school manager Charlie Sloan.

Your donation to the Nianjema Teachers' Fund will support up to 50% of the tuition for each child.  While Nianjema teachers receive salaries that are well beyond the national Tanzania teachers’ salaries, their average salaries at $5,000 per year (secondary) and $3,000 (primary), making it difficult to pay annual tuition.

You may donate directly to the Teachers' Children Fund.  If you have any questions, please contact Daphne Sloan, tef.executivedirector@gmail.comClick here for more information on donating to Nianjema schools.

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