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scholarship Student Stories

Joyce Clemence Joseph

Joyce Clemence Joseph

Joyce lived with her grandmother and grandfather, but he was too sick to work. Her parents are no longer married and neither will allow her to live with them. There is no running water in her grandmother's house, and her walk to the designed secondary school was too dangerous.

Suzana Juma

Suzana Juma

Suzana lives with her grandmother and 5 cousins. Her grandmother is a farmer, and she can barely support herself, plus the cousins. Suzana will matriculate all four years at Nianjema. She also loves to play netball and have some friends.

Nasrat Maulid Mrisho

Nasrat lives with her mother and father in Bagamoyo near our school. Her father is a farmer and her mother sells odds and ends on the street. She has one sister, age 7, who studies in 2nd grade at Majengo Primary School. Nasrat finished Majengo and was selected to go to Dunda Government Secondary School in Bagamoyo, but they didn't have enough money to send her to the school. She has an aunt in Dar es Salaam who can help her with buying her uniform, pens and paper for school. Nasrat likes to play netball, dance, sing and read and tell stories.

Letter from father:

I am the parent of Nasrat Maulid Mrisho. I am asking for someone to help my daughter. My earning are very little and not enough to send her to school. I am asking for help from Nianjema Secondary School. I believe my request will be granted. I wish you good work and success in building up this country.

Thank you very much,

Maulid Mrisho