Empowering students of Tanzania
to learn, lead and thrive

Nianjema School

Our Story

Nianjema means "Good Intentions" in Kiswahili.

The school lives up to its name.

Since its founding in 2000 Nianjema Secondary School has brought educational opportunity to hundreds of Tanzanian children.

Foundation of Friendship

The school is built on a foundation of friendship, hard work and vision. As a Peace Corps volunteer in Tanzania, Charlie (Charles W) Sloan, Jr., saw many children who could not afford to go on to secondary school after leaving the government-run elementary schools. He dreamed of providing a quality, affordable education for children in Bagamoyo and neighboring communities.

Charlie Sloan invested his life savings to found Nianjema in 1999 and has been the school manager since the school opened. Sloan, Faustine Rutaihwa, Dr. Aidan Njau, Lazarus Mpondo and Nicholas Walter are the current Trustees. Mr. Rutaihwa consults on human resources; Dr. Aidan on student health and the new clinic; Mr. Mpondo on teaching techniques; and, Mr. Walter on business and operations.

Community School

The school draws students from throughout the area, many of whom simply appear at the front door in their best clothes asking to be taught. At the beginning, some students walked more than 4 hours a day to get to and from the school.

Nianjema responded by developing hostels (or dormitories) for the students – starting with a place for girls to stay within the school compound. Nianjema has also inspired families to construct homes nearby for their children’s benefit, contributing dramatically to developing the area economy.

Modern Medics Clinic Tanzania

Another long-term dream was realized with the groundbreaking for the Modern Medics Clinic Tanzania. The clinic will serve students and staff as well as the surrounding community. Dr Mastidia K. Rutaihwa, is director and co-founder of the clinic. Learn more about the clinic