Empowering students of Tanzania
to learn, lead and thrive

Nianjema Stands Out

Leadership development, cultural awareness and team building activities grounded in Tanzanian culture and tradition create an exceptional educational experience. Students graduate ready to fully participate in the economic and civic development of their country.

"What the students learn outside of the classroom in sports, art and service projects reinforces their ability to learn and prepares them for success in life," says School Manager Charlie Sloan. "It also fills their spare time with productive activities."

This approach is unusual in Tanzanian schools, where the primary emphasis is on doing well on the all-important national exams. Nianjema students excel in the exams because of a well-rounded education that includes:


Girls Hockey Team
Girls Hockey Team

Students participate in sports weekly, with each other and area schools. They travel to the capital, Dar-es-Salaam, in the school bus for league competition. Nianjema fields teams in basketball, field hockey, soccer, netball, frisbee, rugby and volleyball.

Nianjema’s sports program has attracted the NBA’s Basketball Without Borders, which brings NBA coaches and players to African countries to train local coaches and players. Nianjema teachers Alois Chengula and Ringo Eliasi trained recently with Boston Celtic coaches.

Cultural Studies

Collaborations with the Institute for Arts and Culture Bagamoyo bring art, dance and music teachers to Nianjema. Traditional dance and singing are highly anticipated parts of every graduation and other celebrations.

Mercy with Drawing
Mercy with Drawing

Community Building Through Service and leadership

Kids Explorer's Club
Nianjema student looks back during an Adventure Club outing

Through Nianjema’s Explorer’s Club students plan adventure trips to nearby wildlife areas. Service clubs introduce students to community service, such as weekly trips to the beach and historic areas to pick up litter for recycling followed by yoga. Mentoring programs provide support for younger students and give older students leadership experience.