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TEF Scholar Girls
TEF Scholars gather on the Nianjema campus

Support a TEF Scholar

Scholarships are the difference between completing an education, or not.

The TEF Scholars Program was created to make it possible for girls to continue education beyond primary school. Families make sacrifices to educate sons while keeping daughters at home for housework or marriage.

Your contributions can help identify and recruit girls to Nianjema Schools.


  • Provide tuition to attend and complete secondary school
  • Support for room and board during the academic year

Boarding is invaluable for girls as conditions at home often make it hard to succeed. Girls often:

  • Spend hours a day fetching water from nearby wells.
  • Are expected to care for siblings and animals.
  • Have no dedicated place to study in crowded, unelectrified homes.
  • Have no funds to buy school supplies or even food during the day at school.

TEF scholarship donations also support a variety of students, including orphans, with need from primary through secondary school.

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For more information, contact Charlie Sloan.