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Scholarships create opportunities for nianjema students

Does Nianjema Offer Scholarships for Students?

Nianjema offers need-based scholarships to secondary students. In Tanzania, families make great sacrifices for their children to attend. In some cases, school fees are paid by the extended family or village, with the understanding that the student is their hope for the future.

Our annual scholarship goal is to raise as many full scholarships for students as possible. Full scholarship for one student at each of the four class levels is $5200.

We need your help to achieve this goal. Since its founding, Nianjema has given 58 need-based scholarships and 86 partial motivational, merit-based scholarships and the number of scholarships available increases annually.

Scholarships for Girls

Nianjema recognizes that for Tanzania to flourish, all children must have equal access to quality education. Traditionally, boys attend school beyond elementary school at a higher rate than girls and families are more likely to sacrifice to educate boys. Scholarship funds can help Nianjema educate more girls. Nianjema receives scholarship support for girls from Aid for Africa, Africa Childrens Haven and Tanzania Education Fund. We welcome individual as well as organizational support.

TEF board provides 10-12 full, four-term scholarships for the outstanding girls in Bagamoyo supported by donors. The girls are identified from among 80 girls who are selected from the local primary schools participate in an 8-week English immersion program offered by Nianjema Schools. In the most recent year, 12 scholarship girls accepted scholarships to Nianjema.

Continued Education Scholarships

Nianjema is proud that we successfully prepare students to go on to higher education. Many, however, require additional financial resources to take that important next step.

Tanzania Education Fund supported Anthony Nyenshile, a superb history teacher at Nianjema, in his pursuit of an advanced degree.  After three years away from Nianjema, Mr. Nyenshile is now Nianjema’s headmaster.

The Nianjema Secondary School and TEF, (Tanzania Education Fund), have the goal of identifying donors to support other students who have been accepted at accredited colleges and are in need of scholarship support. Such support requires from $650 to $1300 annually, per student, depending on the higher education institution and degree sought.

To discuss giving opportunities, contact TEF Executive Director, Daphne Sloan.