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girl with african pots painting and teacher painting
Art students Tausi (left) and Rahma with their paintings for the MWK Creative Talents Art Show.

Creative Arts Curriculum Thrives

MWK's creative talent program, led by practicing artist instructors, enriches the school's academic program. Three professionals, Simplis Benard, Karim Swafi and Ringo Eliasi teach art, music and drama as part of the curriculum.

"When I first started visiting the school, I brought paper and crayons for the students, but they had no idea of what to do with them," says Daphne Sloan, TEF Executive Director. "Now students are creating original art that any of us would be proud to hang on our walls."

Thirty-five student paintings were displayed and offered for sale during the quarterly Creative Talents Show which also featured singing, dancing, art and academic achievements. The idea of a show and sale was a novel one to the students and their parents.