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Pre form one sponsored girls exam

School and Community Celebrate Student Scholars

Ceremonies to announce TEF Scholars, who will receive four-year scholarships for Nianjema secondary school, is one of the highlights of the year.

The ceremony is the culmination of a three-month free pre-form I course taught by trained Danish volunteers from Egaa School. Sixty to 80 girls from eight schools participate. Of those, 24 are selected as TEF Scholars annually.

Students in the free course work with creative Nianjema teachers daily. Teachers add variety and fun with sports and creative studies in addition core math, library use and English studies.

"Most have no English when they start," says Charlie Sloan, school manager. "Now they hold normal conversations with us and each other." Sloan points out that even though English is an official national language, 99% of the students in the country never learn spoken English.

During the ceremony, participants and Nianjema students also entertain parents and teachers with songs, dances, songs and acrobatics.

We are so excited. We had 8 of our sponsored girls from form one and two speak with them about the school and the program and then give them a guided tour around the school. They are wearing the amazing new uniforms. At the end of the pre form one course in November 20 of them will be selected for sponsorship for the next four years. This year the first group of sponsored girls will graduate from form four.

The Danish volunteers, in addition to teaching for three months, also raised money to sponsor an additional four girls at our school for four years.