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Tanzania Education Fund Supporters provide the foundation for
Nianjema Secondary and High School and the success of its students

Nianjema Scholarships Allow Orphans to go to school

Aid for Africa is providing critically needed support that allow orphaned girls to attend Nianjema. Aid for Africa is based in Alexandria, VA.

Nine orphaned students, five girls and four boys, are now enrolled in Nianjema Schools — all would probably not have been able to pursue their education beyond primary school if it were not for Nianjema’s scholarship program.

The students are members of supportive extended families, but the resources in Tanzania are such that children without living parents have very limited choices and opportunities. Nianjema helps both the extended families and the students with our scholarship program.

Four of the girls sponsored by Aid for Africa are local Bagamoyo girls, who have domestic problems involving no running water, long distances to walk, safe for the government schools assigned to them, and no one to really care about them except an over-worked grandmother. The Nianjema boarding school will bring to the girls a sense of belonging and safety.

Nianjema actively seeks scholarship funding for students. If you are interested in contributing, email tef.executivedirector@gmail.com