Empowering students of Tanzania
to learn, lead and thrive

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Donors Make a Difference

Donors add value to Nianjema’s high quality, values-oriented education.

Donors provide scholarships for students who otherwise wouldn’t be able to attend school past the elementary level and are the drivers in enhancing the overall experience with initiatives like the TEF Scholars Program, the science laboratories and the 25,000 book library.

Giving Opportunities

Scholarships, Computer Support, Homes for Teachers, Renovate Classrooms, Donate


Goal: To provide scholarships and boarding for 80 girls

$700 provides tuition for a girl for a year. Scholarships for girls, who are underrepresented in secondary schools, make the difference between education and no education. Too often, families who sacrifice to send their boys to secondary school will keep girls at home to work or get married.

An additional $700 provides room and board for a year. Girls benefit from safe and supportive learning environments that campus dormitories provide, allowing them to focus on learning and, in some cases, providing shelter from adverse conditions outside the school.

We also offer scholarships to boys, particularly orphans, who are not able to meet tuition requirements.

Why do we emphasize scholarships for girls? Once educated, girls drive economic opportunities for their communities, according to many studies. See stories of TEF Scholars needing support.

Goal: To increase the school lunch program to serve all secondary students ($9,000)

Primary students and boarding students currently receive lunch.

$100 provides a year of meals for a day student. More about scholarships.

Computer Support

Goal: To update the Computer Lab ($80,000)

$400 will buy one computer

Students learn valuable job skills in the lab including knowing how to use popular office programs and coding.

Homes for Teachers

Goal: To build additional teacher housing ($40,000/house)

The continuing growth in the student population requires new teachers, who in turn need housing. The Tanzanian government requires provision of housing for all teachers. Good housing helps to attract the best teachers.

Renovate Classrooms

Goal: To renovate existing buildings. ($30,000)

While the original school buildings are holding up well after 20 years, they need new roofs.

Donations of any amount will provide students with additional scholarships, personal text books so they can study outside of class, school supplies and more. Donate Here.