Empowering students of Tanzania
to learn, lead and thrive

Mission and Goals


The mission of the Nianjema schools is to provide Tanzanian students a broad education that promotes leadership, self-discipline, motivation, excellence in learning and development of a productive worldview.


Provide a quality education for the young people of Bagamoyo, Tanzania, who would not otherwise have that opportunity.


  1. Provide equal educational opportunities for girls and boys
  2. Provide an educational experience that leads to self-motivation, broad understanding and habits of learning that continue beyond graduation
  3. Educate the whole student, including physical activity and nutrition
  4. Provide need and merit based scholarships for Nianjema students
  5. Build a beautiful and functional campus complex that serves the goals and objectives of Nianjema
  6. Support medical assistance to all teachers and students through the Modern Medics Tanzania Clinic, a TEF collaborative project