Empowering students of Tanzania
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Modern Medics Clinic Tanzania

Modern Medics will offer access to medical services for students and staff as well as the surrounding community.

Dr Mastidia
Dr. Mastidia, director of the Modern Medics Clinic Tanzania

Dr Mastidia K. Rutaihwa is director and co-founder of the clinic and is overseeing its medical design and provisioning. "Dr. Mastidia," as she is known in Tanzania, has 15 years of extensive ward and clinical experience in areas including malaria, diabetes, heart ailments and HIV. Dr Mastidia's husband, co-founder Charlie Sloan, is overseeing the design, construction and maintenance of the clinic building and grounds.

When operational, the clinic – which is close to the school – will offer:

  • Medical attention to all students and staff at Nianjema schools and the surrounding community.
  • Offices and facilities for visiting specialists to treat patients on site, near their homes and families.
  • Community outreach programs to provide health information and education about diseases and preventative measures, with an emphasis on reaching area youth.
  • Distribution of items such as eyeglasses.

Modern Medics, underwritten with grants from the W. O’Neil Foundation and the Carney Family Foundation, will accept its first patients in Winter 2020.