Empowering students of Tanzania
to learn, lead and thrive

Tanzania Education Fund Supporters provide the foundation for
Nianjema Secondary and High School and the success of its students


Winter Escape 2013

Start thinking now about a Nianjema safari in Tanzania during the cold months of winter. Classic Migration Safari with optional extension to visit Nianjema Secondary School.

Education Initiative for Girls

The Aid for Africa Girls Education Fund will provide scholarships for girls to effective, action-oriented organizations like the Tanzania Education Fund (TEF is the support arm of Nianjema school). TEF President Charles Sloan was part of the planning group that will provide scholarships...

"I still dream of you" – Peter Msecho

So sings Peter Msecho about Nianjema in a song he wrote and recorded to recruit new students to Nianjema Secondary and High School. The song is on TV and radio throughout Tanzania. A well-known Tanzanian singer...

Nianjema Birthday Bash a Great Success

More than 100 people gathered to celebrate and share good news, good art, good food and good company at Nianjema’s 10th year anniversary bash.

Nianjema High School Creates Opportunities

Nianjema has added high school courses and we are now the Nianjema Secondary and High School. This change increases the prestige of the school and allows students…

Nursery School Expands

The nursery school has added another teacher, allowing it to accept more children. This self-sustaining venture is another unique feature of Nianjema, helping…