Empowering students of Tanzania
to learn, lead and thrive

Tanzania Education Fund Supporters provide the foundation for
Nianjema Secondary and High School and the success of its students

The Nianjema Schools, offer quality and breadth of education:

  • Solid Basics—Students take a full menu of courses including English, Kiswahili, literature, math, science, and cultural history – all needed to prepare for lifetime achievements and learning. Advanced classes with individualized learning and lab reinforce basic learning in math, science, business and English. The well-stocked library provides a first exposure to easily accessible books, reading and group study for most of our students.
  • Quality of teaching—Nianjema teachers are committed and many have been there since the beginning.
  • High teacher to student ratio—9 students per 1 teacher. Class size is 20-40 students in Secondary and 25-30 in Primary at Nianjema. This compares to a range of 50 to 100 students per class in government schools.
  • National test scores—Nianjema Secondary students consistently achieve high scores in national exams, the gateway to further education and good jobs. This is remarkable given that we accept all students who enroll and pass a basic entrance exam.
  • Breadth of experience—Students participate in extended-day programs that build confidence, leadership and engagement including intensive English immersion, community service, Tanzanian music, arts and dancing, community service projects, traveling sports and more. More information
  • Emphasis on educating girls—In a region where girls are undereducated, we focus on providing equal education for girls and boys. We encourage girls to continue their education beyond the primary level through the TEF Scholars Program link while administrators and teachers work to create an equitable environment for girls to succeed. More information