Empowering students of Tanzania
to learn, lead and thrive

Tanzania Education Fund Supporters provide the foundation for
Nianjema Secondary and High School and the success of its students

The School

Watch this four minute video to see Nianjema's story and campus.

Nianjema Scholarships Allow Orphans to Go to School

Aid for Africa is sponsoring four girls for Form 2 this year: Joyce Joseph, Suzana Juma, Amina Mwajeki and Nasrat Mrisho.

Thank You!Five students are supported by TEF doners. Theresia Benard, an outstanding 3rd year student who received the highest national exams, is sustained by an German donor; Juma Kivina, supported by a USA donor, is in his fourth year of secondary school; Hussein Awadlu and Peter Mambo are assisted by a German donor; and Omary Kambangwa by English donors. We are very proud of them.

Things are really popping at Nianjema!

Nianjema student enrollment has risen to 400 (from 90 in 2001). Twenty-four teachers guide these students through our hands on and active curriculum.

What's New

Nianjema Continues to Perform at Top Levels in National Exams

Nianjema students once again placed in the top 6% in the national secondary school tests, out of 379 schools in the Coastal Region. Our science department in particular gave outstanding results.

Help Support Nianjema Teachers

A Tanzanian Education Fund initiative will raise $6000 to support the children of Nianjema teachers who need financial assistance.

“The Fund will help the teachers and their children. Our teachers are eager to have their children at Nianjema, and 18 children qualify. The teachers have feelings of pride and dignity and would be very gratified by this assistance,” says school manager Charlie Sloan.